T-Mobile “Starter Pack” USA Prepaid Travel SIM Card

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For years now our T-Mobile USA Prepaid SIM Cards have been a favourite amongst Aussie travellers heading to the USA and it isn’t hard to see why. Our 4GB T-Mobile USA Prepaid SIM Card is the best value for money travel sim for anyone looking to get great service and data at a low price! Great coverage + amazing allowances and unlimited international sms virtually anywhere – you couldn’t ask for any more freedom at a low price!
Avoid international roaming fees, get the most out of your USA trip and purchase before you leave to save big on retail prices for these cards (all our USA sims are significantly below RRP).
All our T-Mobile travel sim cards have a 30 day period of validity for all call, SMS and data allowances. The 30 day period begins from the activation date you provide us during the checkout process.

USA Travel SIM - USA Prepaid SIM Card

Why Should You Go With A T Mobile Prepaid SIM USA?

The reasons are clear and abundant. Don’t just avoid international roaming fees, roam like a local without a care in the world! T Mobile is one of the leading telecommunications providers in the United States and renowned for good reception and the best 4G data network . All sims are shipped out of Melbourne, Victoria via Australia Post express postage so your USA travel sim will be with you in a jiffy and well before you depart.

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How long is the credit valid for?  All credit on the card is valid for 30 days from the activation date you provide us!
What do I need to do to get my T-Mobile 4GB USA prepaid sim card activated? 
Nothing, by providing your activation date, you are allowing us to activate the sim for you. All you have to do is insert the sim into your phone upon arrival and enjoy.
Are there any hidden charges with this product? Absolutely not! All our sims are prepaid, non-contractual and preloaded with all the calls, SMS and data specified!
Will this sim card be compatible with my phone? Our sim cards are compatible with all phones, but to take advantage of them your phone MUST BE UNLOCKED. If your phone is locked to a local provider, please contact them (in most cases they will unlock for free).
Will I need to change my phone settings (e.g. APN settings) to use this sim? No. All standard Australian phone settings are compatible with this sim card. In the very rare instances where your phone has slight APN settings that night alteration, we provide easy to follow stepped guides for these with each purchase!
Can I test my sim card before I leave for my trip? It is critical that you DO NOT insert your sim card into your phone before arriving to your travel destination. Doing so can interfere with international activation processes and may lead to your cards credit being used due to roaming in Australia with an overseas provider.


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